Tom Grainey’s


Tom Grainey’s Sporting Pub, Grainey’s Basement, and Grainey’s Underground are one of Boise’s best and most well-known live music clubs. For 30 years, Grainey’s has hosted some of the best entertainment on the West Coast.

You can groove to live music every night in Tom Grainey’s (upstairs) or Grainey’s Basement and Underground (downstairs). The music starts at 10 pm and doesn’t stop until 2 am.


Grainey’s History

“The Statesman Building was built in 1910. The Idaho Statesman called this building home until 1951. Its Georgian Revival design is celebrated for its beauty and utility, its symmetry, decorative molding and crowned cornice and stylistic features.”

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Established in 1980 and conveniently located in Downtown Boise, this landmark location, great rotating drafts, historical photos decorate the walls, huge dance floors on all floors,
and dark wood pub feel with a friendly staff make Grainey’s a must visit on any trip downtown or pub crawl.

Life & Times of Tom Grainey
Article written in 1994


Tom Grainey’s family moved to Boise around the turn of the century. At that time Boise was much as it is today; a thriving, vibrant boom town. The streets were pulsing with the energy of people heading places. Horse teams and autos vied for room on the streets, cable cars carried the more security minded. The Assay Office was burgeoning with silver and gold from the mines of Boise Basin and Owyhee County. The Idanha Hotel was a lodging spot for presidential hopefuls, railroad tycoons, corporate magnates and other assorted luminaries. The stately Natatorium at the end of Warm Springs Ave was a famous spa where the people of Boise soaked away their cares and worries of the week in natural hot springs baths. For Boise was at full strength and on an afternoon the cavalry could be seen testing their horses on the polo grounds. Families took to the hills and rivers on weekends for picnics. Young men and their fathers hunted deer and elk along the Boise Front. Salmon and steelhead were still being caught in the Boise and Payette Rivers. Other sports included horse racing, rodeo, car and bicycle racing, football, baseball and boxing.


Tom Grainey grew up in the Boise of that time. Of all sports he was drawn to boxing, much to the chagrin of his parents. Tom Grainey was the alias he used in order to keep his family unaware. He won several fights and things looked very promising. All his efforts were quashed by a crashing fist from a Butte fighter in his last fight. Grainey was delivered home to his family in a crumped state. Thus ended his short, sweet boxing career. From this setback he recovered and went on to serve in the Army Air Corp in World War I. He came home, married a lovely Boise girl, raised three sons and built a thriving mercantile business. He loved Boise and spent the rest of his life here. He was a ‘renaissance man in a renaissance town” and Tom Grainey’s Sporting Pub is harkening back and looking forward to this city and its people.

Thank you!
Happy Birthday! To the Staff and Musicians. To the Patrons and Players. To everyone who let down their hair, Kicked up their heels And took part in the dance
For the last 15 years. Here’s to you all, And to 14 more.